Our raison d’être

  • FNEP ambition and commitment is to bring companies and public bodies closer together by offering them a common forum for exchange and debate on the issues of the day. This reconciliation was thought essential by its founders in 1969 to make economy more efficient.
    Without denying this first idea, FNEP has since developed and widely diversified its influence to welcome entities of all sizes and from all sectors of activity.
  • One characteristic of FNEP is its close and trusting relationship with its partners and members, systematically involved in the choice of subjects and the format of its missions.
  • Through its original and unique positioning, FNEP dares to innovate far from the traditional continuing education circuits, by participating in the professionalization of high-potential executives, assigned by their home organization.
    The mission is supported by an internal feedback in order to allow the student participants to share, within their organization,  ideas and practices which were discussed collectively during the mission.

FNEP ambition is to continue and expand this public/private reconciliation as well as diversification of its members and partners.

Its operational objective is to implement flexible formulas reflecting as closely as possible what organizations expect, whether private or public.

Our Values

  • Humanism: Human beings, their rights and aspirations are at the heart of the various issues on FNEP behalf, which advocates interest in others, development and enrichment – intellectual and social as well- of human beings. All these values which FNEP ensures are respected throughout the study.
  • Openness to the world and multiculturalism are part of the DNA of the FNEP, of its founding principles: the groups of participants commit themselves to carry out a collective work in accordance with the object of general interest and the non-profit status of FNEP, which has vocation to be made public, to contribute to the evolution and the diffusion of the collective Knowledge.
  • Societal responsibility: FNEP promotes the values of performance, responsible economic development, and social and environmental concerns in its relations with its stakeholders and with the members of the research missions.
  • Shared interest: The missions benefit the participants, whose personal and professional development they accelerate. For their part, their home organization benefits from these achievements, while strengthening their attractiveness as an employer for participants but also for employees precisely seeking the organizations growing these values.

FNEP is committed to doing its utmost to encourage the emergence of innovative ideas from a multicultural mix of ideas, with mutual respect and interest in others, while leaving a large degree of autonomy to the participants working collectively on a major current topic.

Mutual commitment

By signing this charter of values on a trilateral basis :

  • FNEP and each participant sincerely commit themselves to respect ideas behind words, being in line with the on-going laws and regulations.
  • the organization to which the study participant belongs supports his commitment and facilitates the internal promotion of the collective work to which he auditor has contributed.